There was no fire

Welcome to our new name and new location.  Pipeline Peril is now Brave Wisconsin at

I’m still shaking from yesterday, when I got a message that an oil train had derailed in my neighboring town, a town I know well.  I hopped in my car and drove to town to see how bad it was while friends kept me posted via my smart phone.  Fortunately, Watertown Wisconsin dodged a bullet.  Fourteen rail cars full of crude, (my hunch is Bakken oil) derailed and came off the tracks.  There were 109 cars loaded with this oil.  Fortunately, none of it ignited.  It’s a miracle it didn’t ignite and I can’t for the life of me figure out how it did not ignite.

Which brings me to the next point.  I am sure that many will cry for pipelines, the ‘safer’ alternative.  Well, no they are not safer.  Not by a long shot.  First of all, according to Enbridge, they expect rail transport will increase, despite new pipelines.  So, new pipelines will not stop the trains from rolling.  Second, pipelines, especially Line 61, carries an unimaginable amount of oil under unprecedented pressure.  In a one hour full breach, 2.1 million gallons of crude will come out of that pipe, 650,000 gallons of that a toxic gas that will expand and hug the ground slinking to low lying areas, like lower level living spaces and basements, and lower levels of barns.  There will be precious little time to escape this and it will take some know how.  Yes, trains are just as bad, they can incinerate entire neighborhoods such as in Lac Megantic, Quebec.  They are BOTH bad, both bad ways to die or at minimum get injured.

Neither is an option.  No one should be sacrificed.



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