The Boil

It’s been a while since I have blogged about life on the Mainline.  Partly because it has been very quiet, and partly because living on the line is like having a boil.  You know it’s there and it hurts but you can’t stick a needle in it every day.  You kind of deny it just to get by, because you just can’t be preoccupied with its existence on a daily basis, even though it is a pain.  Most people living on the line feel the same way.   I can’t bring it up in every conversation, at soccer practice, or school concerts.  Even when I see a pipeline easement owner or nearby dweller walk past me, and I want to grab them and tell them what is coming, I hold back.  There is a time and a place for this bad news and sitting on a bleacher listening to second graders sing about the glory of Spring, isn’t it. Nevertheless, things are coming to a head.  As much as Enbridge will deny or say there are no imminent plans to place more lines in an adjacent easement, which they do not yet own, we keep hearing of Enbridge attempting to ‘buy’ land along the line. The Medina pump station is being built, hideous structure that it is.

It’s been quiet, yes, and I have been blue, because a dear friend of mine, Carl, is leaving for the Pacific Northwest.  I envy him.  That said, I feel like a week old balloon clinging to the middle elevation of a room on some days. Yet, I could not leave for another area of the country because my roots are so entangled in Wisconsin soil that transplanting me would probably cause me to shrivel and die. Children, grandchildren, in-laws, friends, graveyards with ancestors, places I love, and mostly memories.   So, I wish him luck and all the good things that life can offer.  I thank him for being in this fight with me since day one.  And I hold no grudge that he once referred to me as ‘the little old lady that took down the chairs in Jefferson’.  Granted, he didn’t know me well then and it sounded so darn inspirational.  The way he told the story, I wanted to meet that woman myself.  Carl did a splendid job of introducing me to myself. Carl is the quintessential story teller, but he always gets the facts right, except that I am not THAT old.  He can captivate an audience with his tales and art.  He is one of the most genuine people I have ever known, and I will miss him greatly.  Wisconsin will lose one of the best pipeline fighters we have had, and I will lose a friend, but life is like that.

So the guard is changing as the process to put in the new line is gaining steam, all the while, Enbridge remaining nebulous about its plans publicly.  It’s the calm before the storm. It’s living with knowing it’s coming and that there will be an adrenaline surge soon. In the meantime, it’s waiting.  I am learning this pipeline fight is a lot more than burning hot and furious for the moment, it’s more like keeping a low flame going when there is little oxygen to feed it.  But this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. Stay tuned.


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