Ready, set, go!

Along with the Ready Kit distribution along the line in our area, we are offering a forum in Lake Mills. Hear a firefighter describe what happens in the minutes before the fire department arrives. Learn survival tips. Learn what to put and not to put in your Go Bag. If you are within 1000 feet get your own Ready Kit, while they last. Listen to an attorney address environmental law issues as they pertain to easements and pipelines. Get an update from our ever interesting Elizabeth Ward and listen to Marybeth Elliott’s new and updated riveting talk on pipeline gases. If you live on or near this line, this is a don’t miss. July 14th at 6:30pm in the Lake Mills City Hall, Lake Mills WI.

1463002_1004498292911962_1549965895004160462_nWe still need to make more Ready Kits.  There are vastly more numbers of rural people living within 1000 feet of this pipeline corridor than you can imagine.  Most have no idea what they are living next to, or how to respond to a major leak.  If you have ever walked out in a corn field or wild land and gotten ‘turned around’ you will understand why we need Ready Kits.  I have done it and ended up a half mile further away than where I thought I was going to end up.  Not all of our residents will be able to evacuate by the road.  Some may have to flee into the rural areas around them, and hey, this is Wisconsin, it can be very rugged in some places.  We are endeavoring to try to make that possibility a little easier on our residents.  It’s the least we can do right now.

The very first thing that Enbridge does when they come for an integrity dig, is to set up their windsock.  Oh, and they have a lot more equipment ready too, in case things go wrong.  We can’t equip every one with all that fancy stuff, but we have a few small items that may be useful.10408955_1059933040701820_22213452861532019_n

We are just a grassroots organization.  This is my neighborhood in the picture.  We just want to make sure all of our folks here are ready in case of a spill.  We are locals, not some big organization coming in from elsewhere.  We make no money organizing and are not getting support in any major manner from any other organized groups.  All funds go directly to making these Ready Kits.  Most of them made in my family room!

You can donate here:

or email to


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