A Milestone



This blog is going to be adding a page or two for our new readers, many of them owners of easement.  The goal of the Safety Kit program was to reach out to the landowners across  counties and, given last night’s phenomenal attendance at a landowner meeting, we have done that with flying colors!  We have a landowner organization in southern Wisconsin and it’s even growing south of the state line, in Illinois.  Representatives of their group SOIL, Save our Illinois Land attended our meeting. Our rural people have come together and they have a voice, a loud and clear voice, of inspiration and reason.  They are setting their course and as I predicted in an earlier blog, they will lead.  It was a bit of a bumpy road getting here but, we have arrived.

A big thank you goes out to all the donors, the seamstresses, the leafleters, the radio stations, especially Devil’s Advocates in Madison, and WBEV in Janesville/Beloit, Mike Daley and Stan Millum, the press, every one who helped us reach the folks that needed to be reached.  We are not done with our work, but we have reached a major milestone.

We had a wonderful meeting, the details of which I can’t blog about, of course, other than to say, our landowners and neighbors of the pipeline are pumped.  They fulfilled the two years of hopes and dreams I worked for.  Communication, education and organization.  I’m just about ready to retire to some deserted Caribbean island!  But wait, not so fast.  The landowners inspired me to assist THEM with their goals.  I’m not sure what form that will take,  that’s up to them, but, I’m convinced they will lead, as they should. Their voices have more weight, and their stories are more compelling.  Suffice it to say, that many of the pictures you have seen here and on Facebook, have been of the properties of people at our meeting today.

So some of their main needs right now are historical, legal and scientific information.  So we will be adding at least one page or two with resources so they can quickly come up to speed on the statistics, specs and all the technical whatnots that we have stored in our brains for the last 2 years.  Some of this information may help all of our readers, because if you haven’t followed us since the inception of this journey, it’s confusing.  Heck, it’s confusing even if you have.  So pardon our growing pains.  It’s all good!  Oh, and yes, there will always be a dose of snark with all those facts to keep things interesting.  We will also cover the latest of Enbridge’s antics because they are so darn entertaining at times. (snark).  And yes, I will still be prone to ramblings at 3am.

I have another hope and that is that our readers, and our landowners work together to make Wisconsin (and now Illinois) a safer, cleaner, and more just place to live.

You can reach us in the comment section or at ourbravewisconsisn@gmail.com


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