Tick, Tick, Tick

I’m sitting in my living room.  Other than the pouring rain on the roof, it’s very quiet and I’m alone with the ticking of the clock. My heart is starting to take a cue from the tick, tick, tick. I’m waiting to hear of a ride going out to the camps. Just waiting is nerve wracking. I’m not the fittest person to make this journey, but that doesn’t matter. I’m a body to occupy space.  That is all I am.  That is all I aspire to be.  I am one of the insignificant souls who is called.

A few of the things I have been told to bring are sitting on the couch, a wool sweater, wool mittens, wool hat. Luckily I just finished a wool sweater. It’s coming with me. I need to buy wool socks and underwear. I’m thinking about how difficult it is going to be to camp in a flimsy tent. Even a pricey winter tent isn’t much barrier between the skin and the cold. I haven’t been this close to nature in a very long time, this dependent on her mercy. I do hope she is merciful to her warriors.  I hope she is merciful to me.

It’s hard not to be deep in thought right now. I hope to be headed back to the camps in North Dakota. Not sure how I will get there this time. I’m not sure which camp I will be staying at. I’m not sure what we will find. I’m not even sure who my traveling companion is yet, but, I am sure a like minded soul will connect with me. We will be going via South Dakota, as the roads in North Dakota are blocked by law enforcement. Hostile territory.

This is the land of Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, and many other nameless strong heroic people who remain anonymous to history, many acts of bravery from the masses, likely never recorded. Among some of the darkest periods of this country’s history, and there are many, is the theft of treaty land. Yet, every one is at risk, large farmers, small farmers, rural residents, rural towns and communities, Native people and their way of life.

It’s come to this. A stand. It can’t be clearer than this. Who is our government actually working for here. It’s not just happening in North Dakota, it’s also the farmers in Iowa who are finding themselves under arrest for being on their OWN LAND.

Yes, the economic driver of our country right now is fossil fuels.  Our politicians talk a fine line about attacking climate change, but what does our government do?  It steals land, from our Indigenous and our farmers.  STEALS.  Eminent domain does not compensate for the loss of this land, the heritage, the history, the bond that people have to their dwelling place.  Forcing people to give up their land for private profit, is wrong.  It’s just a wrong concept.  The only people profiting are the people involved in this industry.  The rest of us get risk.  We get our land stolen.  We get put at risk from pipeline leaks and explosions.  We get our daily lives interrupted by crews, integrity digs and general snooping on our lands.  Our creeks and rivers are at risk.  Soil is disturbed to never recover.  Drain tiles are broken. There has been a lot of damage already to our heritage farms.   Our lives are at risk if these lines break near us.

If you care about people’s rights, if you care about the Native American’s sovereignty, if you care about the promises this nation is breaking, if you care about our farmers in Iowa, the heartland of this nation, if you care about our neighbors in Minnesota and if you care about Wisconsin, it’s time take a stand. It’s time to stand with our brothers and sisters in North Dakota and Iowa.

You can find us on Facebook at Brave Wisconsin closed group, BRAVE WISCONSIN public group or Brave Wisconsin Community page.

It’s time to take a stand.


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