No Compromise

There will be no compromise for candidates running in the midterms.  It’s an all or nothing deal for us here on the pipeline.  As we know, many of our landowners will be facing eminent domain.  They will have to fight.  Others will not have the resources, whether financial or emotional for this battle.  That doesn’t mean they want to sell, it means they just are too drained to fight.  Opposing eminent domain is not the same as opposing the pipeline. Not by a long shot.  We are all bright enough to know better and we won’t fall for the hype.    If the Democratic Party truly believes in climate change and wants to work to stop it, well opposing new tar sands pipelines is a good place to start, or is it just all talk?  I know I am not voting to replace one crook with another.  No we won’t fall for the spin.  We are fighting for our lives.

Brave Wisconsin will not endorse, in fact, we will fight any candidate who does not oppose these pipelines.  Period.  No compromise.  No back room deals.  No BS.  Just wait for the optics on this!

It’s the pipeline that is the problem.  Eminent domain is a symptom of it.


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