There are days my jaw just drops.  I received an email from one of the landowners in my vicinity a few days ago, which contained screen shots and a link to Enbridge’s Line 3 Canada web site.  I wasn’t real thrilled to dig through the gaudy pictures that Enbridge fills its web sites with, so, I went straight to the screen shots. Good thing we had the screen shots because the web site is down as of today, which I find interesting.  So this is what they offered the Canadians on the Line 3 route.  I thought my American readers would enjoy this.


Raffle.pngJust think, if you are a landowner you could be the lucky owner of an overvalued used white, likely Silverado, Enbridge truck or $75,000 in cash.  Trust me take the cash.  The $3,000 isn’t shoddy either.  Just hit the landowner meeting you expect to have the lowest attendance and hey, you could get lucky, real lucky.

Now, Brave Wisconsin only gave out Safety Kits worth less than $10 each.  We don’t have the deep pockets that Enbridge does.  I wonder if they are giving out self contained breathing apparatus out with that truck, because in the event of a spill, you won’t be leaving your property in that truck, if you plan on surviving.  The Safety Kit could actually be worth more, like your life.  But hey, whatever floats your boat.  Maybe you can enjoy the view of the pipeline markers from your new patio set, while you scope out your escape route from the FEMA established 1000 foot incineration zone?

I guess Enbridge has to give away the farm to get the landowners to consider selling easement to them.  I wonder what PR firm came up with this idea in Canada, and if we will see this in the lower 48 from Nation Consulting?   I can hardly wait for the Line 61 Twin enticements to begin.

Just a darn dirty come-on, but not every one is for sale.


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