Well it didn’t take long for the trolls to hit social media.  It’s hard to tell who is just a political sourpuss or who is trained and paid to smear with innuendo.  I think if you have something to say, just use facts.

Now, some of us live on these horrible pipelines that were approved and built between 2006-2009.  Line 61 and Line 13 were added to the Mainline Corridor, and were dubbed ‘The Southern Access’.  You heard nothing about this back then.  You heard mostly KXL noise.  Probably because placement of these lines was almost covert. They lie in an 80 foot swath of land along with Line 6a, which is a KXL sized tar sands line placed in 1968, and Line 14 which is a 24″ line placed in 1998.  Enbridge has an 80 foot corridor through most of Wisconsin, but, it is FULL.  No more lines can fit in this corridor.  So they have come sniffing around for more, 240 feet more.  That’s a lot of land.  Enbridge has been denying that they are going to build, but they add the phrase, ‘current’ in each denial.  “We have no current plans”.  Current means immediate and that can change tomorrow.   They completed an aerial survey, endangered species survey and historical survey of the area anticipating future pipelines. They have informed citizens with easement which structures must come down for the new pipelines.  That seems to me, to indicate, they have plans.

We were in line to get the flow from Sandpiper but, Enbridge bought the Dakota Access instead.  They also bought Spectra Energy.  That however, doesn’t help them with oil that is going to be deposited in Superior WI.  They can’t really force any more oil into the lines they have because those lines are already baking the soil and melting snow.  Line 6a will celebrate its 60th birthday next year and really isn’t up to the task. It has a lot in common with Line 5, which, seems to me to be terminal in its current location.  Line 5 could be rerouted through the Mainline to Sarnia, something I have heard Line 5 activists support.  Needless to say, a rather NIMBY approach, which is one reason I haven’t thrown full support behind their campaigns, even though I fully believe it needs to be removed from the Lake. I just can’t fathom the thought that you would campaign to have this put where other people live.  Nope.  Not cool.   Even though, Sandpiper isn’t coming soon, there is a need for other pipelines because it seems this continent is leaking oil and gas from every pore.

Which brings me to the Midterm elections and especially the line up forming to run against Ryan.  We have Randy Bryce, a strong, perhaps charismatic to some, labor leader, who has a lot of good points.  Environment isn’t one of them.  As some one ‘unfriended’ by this individual for my anti-pipeline stance, and for pointing out that labor has had a role in placing this monstrosity in my neighborhood, I am writing this guy off.  I can’t forget that his campaign manager, Sachin Chheda and PR company, Nation Consulting brought Wisconsin, and my town, Lines 61 and 13.   Please click on the link below for historical perspective on why I may have a chip on my shoulder.  That and the fact that this candidate will NOT come out publicly and say that indeed, labor needs to knock off the boot licking of Michels, Enbridge and the Koch brothers for their daily bread.  Build wind, solar and other infrastructure but for heaven’s sake, give up on the fossil fuel industry.  It’s just not cool any more and you can’t pass it off as Progressive.  Just say ‘no’. And please cut the Nation Consulting ties.  Thad Nation isn’t helpful.

Then there is the ‘guy from Ohio’, David Yankovich.  He may very well be a great candidate but, he is going to drag this ball and chain called, ‘Ohio’ with him.  He needs to offset this liability.  I’m waiting to hear more about this guy and I hope I do.

Lastly we have a woman from Janesville running, a teacher, a labor leader and an environmentalist.  This one is looking good.  You can check out Cathy Myers online.  She is a newcomer to the race.  She has a respectable professional resume, clear labor ties, has run and been elected to office and has had a strong environmental record.  Perhaps not as flashy as Bryce, but perhaps with more substance.  She is an affable, likable  person to boot.  She seems ready to take on the sticky web of the fossil fuel industry and labor.

So please do some homework if you are a voter in the 1st Congressional District.  If you are a supporter or endorser, please also do some reading before you jump off the cliff.  I too stood at the Capitol during the Act 10 issue.  Yes, I too, fervently believe in labor rights, but not at the cost of other families, and that is what supporting Enbridge, Michels and the Kochs amounts too.  I want to see bread and butter on the table of all of our families, but not at the expense of others.

I live in a Sacrifice Zone that Labor built.  Nothing about that seems fair or admirable.


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