Time Traveling

No, the Sandpiper isn’t coming.  Enbridge gave up on the Sandpiper when it purchased the Dakota Access Pipeline or DAPL.  That took pressure off the Mainline and probably postponed the Line 61 Twin.  It’s really hard though, to figure out what Enbridge is thinking.  They have a very long event horizon in terms of expansion, but, given what I read today, apparently not that long.

I just read an editorial in the Janesville Gazette which included this little ditty. ” Thumbs up for Monday, July 3 – Thumbs down to ongoing pipeline protests. There’s nothing wrong with protesting, but activists should at least focus on actual proposals, not hypotheticals. Enbridge Energy officials have said the company has no plans to install a new pipeline through Wisconsin and Rock County. The economics don’t make sense because of weak demand for more capacity, but these activists don’t believe it. About 25 of them spent part of June 24 in downtown Janesville protesting a bunch of what-ifs, tossing around catchy slogans and doomsday scenarios. An Enbridge pipeline already travels through Rock County, and as far as we know, it hasn’t killed anyone. It would have been better had these activists channeled their energies into making smoothies at the Janesville Farmers Market. The market could use more smoothie vendors.”  http://www.gazettextra.com/20170703/our_views_thumbs_up_for_monday_july_3

As usual, on lazy afternoons like today, when my duties include watching my grandchild swim in the pool, I usually add net surfing to my repertoire, with an additional window open to Facebook.  I’m always fishing for information.  I never know what I will catch, but, it was a good one today. I don’t know where this little ditty was hiding in the Winter but, it surface for air today.

For all those doubters of Enbridge continuing to pursue the easement through Wisconsin, looky here.  While not as certain as their Line 61 Twin appeared a few months ago, it’s not exactly ruling out acquiring more easement, not by a long shot.  This is modus operandi for this company any way, so not much is new.  Maybe we will, maybe we won’t.  Not ‘right now’ means just not in 2018 or even 2019 but all options are on the table for 2020 and beyond, depending on their mystery customers demand.  I strongly encourage the author of that editorial, who feels that the pipeline has to kill some one before he regards it as a problem, to perhaps do some comprehensive reading about the subject on which he offers an opinion.  I wonder if he might feel a bit differently if that pipeline perhaps threatened to kill him instead of some hypothetical anybody he speaks of. Perhaps a kale smoothie would help him sound well informed as well, then again, maybe not.   It appears he doesn’t mind drinking diluent.  Below is what Guy Jarvis of Enbridge has to say about the time traveling pipeline recently, as in ‘right now’ of the Mainline Corridor.  Fire up that flux capacitor.

“D. Guy Jarvis – Enbridge, Inc.

“Yeah. I think the best way I would characterize our approach right now is, Al referenced an ability to potentially add some more capability out of Western Canada in 2019 that’s commensurate with the start-up of the Line 3 replacement. That is our primary focus right now is on dealing with those incremental opportunities, and the reason for that is we think we can do them without doing anything ex-superior like you’re referring to. Certainly, when we get talking about post 2019 capacity, all of our options are on the table. And I think, as it relates to Line 61, it really will boil down to whether we’re going with more of a staged approach or whether there is a desire for customers to have more of a larger solution coming at one point in time. So, that is part of our mix. We’re not actively pursuing it along the right-of-way any longer right now, but it is part of the mix.


“You may quote up to 400 words of any transcript on the condition that you attribute the transcript to Seeking Alpha and either link to the original transcript or to www.SeekingAlpha.com. All other use is prohibited.”

Of course,  it is part of the mix.  It’s not ever NOT been part of the mix.  It’s too damn tempting, like Park Place on the Monopoly board game.  Sure, Spectra and its possible Twin will take a chunk out of the Mainline’s load.  DAPL replaced the Sandpiper, so the Bakken oil isn’t coming this way.   Good call Enbridge, why fight all those activists when you can just buy an existing line.  Same with Spectra, a relatively unnoticed little line, that also has a little noticed potential to ‘twin’ in the easement.   That said, Line 67 is bringing more oil, and Line 3 is being enlarged dumping a load of tar sands crude in Superior, Wisconsin, that needs a way to get downstream to Cushing Oklahoma.  Enbridge just isn’t sure how or when, or what shape this downstream flow will take.  Then, we have other sticky as tar sands issues, such as a 50 year old Line 6a that will need replacement soon and even stickier, 60 year old, Line 5, which is not going to pass muster in the Straits of Mackinac.  Line 5 was a stupid idea to begin with and has grown even stupider now that the Line 5 is retirement ready.   Clearly, we don’t want any additional pipelines cutting through Wisconsin’s heartland, but, how much do you want to bet that Enbridge is keeping its options open to shove Line 5 down our throats?  I have been saying this for years, mostly because, it pretty much sense for them to build it, and it makes sense for us to oppose it, which we will.  We are not a fossil fuel sacrifice zone.


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