The Open House Enbridge is Throwing for my Birthday, I think.

We have been really busy around our little homestead lately, a bit too busy to blog which should not happen, but I am not perfect.

I am hoping folks are following us on Facebook, but in case you are not, there is going to be an Enbridge Shindig on Nov. 2nd at 6pm in two locations!

I guess Enbridge didn’t learn the first time they did this in 2014 and this happened.

So here we go again but likely without chairs this time.

You can catch all the history in the making at

Jefferson   222 Wisconsin Drive   6 to 8pm

OR if you are in Central Wisconsin

Chula Vista Resort  Wisconsin Dells, same day, same place.

I will be at Jefferson, because it’s close to home.

I can’t imagine why they are coming at this time.  Not much is going on, so I figure that Enbridge rented a hall on Nov. 2nd because it is my birthday that day, (a big one but I am not saying which) and they assumed I just didn’t have the cash, or the oomph to plan a party for myself.  It was just so darn nice and neighborly of them to do this for me.  Knowing they are such good neighbors, I expect they will get a sheet cake for 500.  I like marble cake and buttercream frosting and I want a pastoral scene on it with the Rock River and drumlins depicted.  Balloons would be nice…black is probably the choice of color…appropriate given my age and the nature of their business.  Kind of like the ‘tar balls’ that floated down the Kalamazoo River in Michigan.

The pipeline is underground, so, we don’t need it on the top of the cake.  Just don’t tell anyone it is there.  OK?  Watch where you bite into your piece of cake.


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